• Get a Clear View of the

    Don't let scratches and puck marks obstruct vision of the ice.

  • Reduce Cleaning and
    Buffing Time

    Most "marks" just wipe away. If not, just pull the layer off to expose a new clear layer.

  • Extend the Life of your

    Don't replace your plexiglass, just add a new layer of HockeyShield.


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To learn more about the patent-pending HockeyShield solution for use on arena’s acrylic, polycarbonate, and lexan surfaces contact our experts.

More Information

Dasherboard Application

With the new style of dasherboards going more toward a plastic composite material, permanent markings and discolorations will develop over time on areas not protected by vinyl graphics or signage.

HockeyShield® uses a micro-thin clear transparent layer that bonds to the plastic dasherboard and provides an abrasion resistant protection barrier. All vinyl signage are then applied directly over the top of the layer in the same current fashion.

This protective layer can be replaced annually and will add to the longevity of the boards as well as maintain a clean uniform appearance.