• Get a Clear View of the

    Don't let scratches and puck marks obstruct vision of the ice.

  • Reduce Cleaning and
    Buffing Time

    Most "marks" just wipe away. If not, just pull the layer off to expose a new clear layer.

  • Extend the Life of your

    Don't replace your plexiglass, just add a new layer of HockeyShield.


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To learn more about the patent-pending HockeyShield solution for use on arena’s acrylic, polycarbonate, and lexan surfaces contact our experts.

More Information

Acrylic Application

More and more arenas are moving toward the use of acrylic products as the preferred shielding products for their rinks. Acrylic products are lighter and cheaper than standard tempered glass and polycarbonate, however, they still represent several key challenges...

  • Acrylic panes are easily scratched and damaged reducing visual clarity
  • Acrylic requires buffing and polishing
  • Acrylic products are easily scratched and damaged reducing the overall longevity
  • Standard protective films will not adhere to acrylic

HockeyShield® Acrylic has a specifically designed adhesive system that allows it to bond to the acrylic surface just like glass. In addition, the durable layer includes a scratch resistant surface to prolong the life of the acrylic shield from player and spectator abuse.