• Get a Clear View of the

    Don't let scratches and puck marks obstruct vision of the ice.

  • Reduce Cleaning and
    Buffing Time

    Most "marks" just wipe away. If not, just pull the layer off to expose a new clear layer.

  • Extend the Life of your

    Don't replace your plexiglass, just add a new layer of HockeyShield.


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To learn more about the patent-pending HockeyShield solution for use on arena’s acrylic, polycarbonate, and lexan surfaces contact our experts.

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About Us

HockeyShield® products are patent-pending clear protective layers of polyester film designed specifically for use in today's demanding arena environment.

These films have numerous benefits designed to reduce required maintenance time and costs, improve visual clarity, and help create better fan satisfaction.

We offer various shielding options for arena acrylic. When fans pay large amounts of money to sit at ice level, they expect a clear view of the on-ice action. HockeyShield® products help the arena staff keep that view clear by creating a removable layer of vision-enhancing film. All of our film solutions simplify the cleaning process because of the industry-leading scratch resistant coating.

Tear-off shielding provides the easiest maintenance of all; just pull the film off to expose a brand new piece of film beneath it.