• Get a Clear View of the

    Don't let scratches and puck marks obstruct vision of the ice.

  • Reduce Cleaning and
    Buffing Time

    Most "marks" just wipe away. If not, just pull the layer off to expose a new clear layer.

  • Extend the Life of your

    Don't replace your plexiglass, just add a new layer of HockeyShield.


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Winnipeg Jets


Coming into the start of the 2012-13 NHL hockey season, the Winnipeg Jets had to replace their Acrylic for the second straight year. Replacing shielding is very expensive so they were looking for a solution to prolong its life. They chose to increase the longevity of their shielding system by applying multiple layers of HockeyShield Performance 400 to the ice-side surface of their newly purchased Acrylic.

Winnipeg chose to have three tear-off layers applied behind the nets and one layer running up each side of the rink. Each individual layer can be removed easily when damage occurs, thus restoring clear and unobstructed visibility.

Arena“HockeyShield performed absolutely amazing and the Enpro team was great to work with. The product saved us time on cleaning since it allowed us to wipe away puck marks without damaging the acrylic, which in turn enabled us to provide our fans a clearer view of the action on the ice,” said Derek King, Chief Engineer and Ice Operations Manager for True North Sports & Entertainment Limited. “We are extremely satisfied with our decision to use HockeyShield and look forward to working with the Enpro team for years to come.”